Dutch Prime Securities Profile


Dutch prime is under the helm of a private equity group. We are looking forward to expanding our business in other Southeast Asia region. The countries we are targeting in next few years will be Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and Japan. DP is holding an off shore license in Saint Vincent to run our business. We are in the process of getting many other licenses as well to further increase our commitment to our clients. The security of our clients fund is our top priority. Our clients fund is segregated to another bank account just for trading purposes. We are committed into giving our clients the best trading environment and we strive to provide the best trading environment and we strive to provide the best education available for our clients to perform better in trading.


Dutch prime explores the different types of partnership opportunities and the benefits of becoming a partner with an UK & EU regulated broker

  • Competitive & Customisable rebate schemes
  • Instant commission payouts
  • 1 on 1 Support from account manager with 24/5 live help
  • Free access to Seminars & Training
  • Free access to Market Analysis
  • Free access to Trading Tools
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